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Changing our names: Why, how and more about my son and I changing our last names.

A Whole New Me

Recently my son and I got our name change paperwork in the mail. It was a moment I can’t quite describe. I could begin with excited, honored, a touch sad and truly looking forward to our future {whatever it may hold}. Our future is…

December 10, 2019
Our 5th Anniversary: How Community Saved my Life

Happy 5th Anniversary: How Community Saves Lives

This week I had the opportunity to take my staff out for pedicures and then we went to dinner to celebrate our 5th anniversary at Barefoot Yoga Shala! It was surreal being surrounded by some of my favorite women who have been with me…

March 12, 2019

Modern Hippie Muse: Rituals for Manifesting

In my world, words like ritual, new moon and intention setting are commonplace. I can hear a particularly “woo” word and know exactly what it means in an instant. And yet it is the question I get the most often. What do I do…

August 7, 2018

Balu Mama & The Scooter-bike

I like rules. I’m a huge fan of having structure and organization in my world, and was always the kid in the front of the classroom with highlighters and questions. I enjoy being the “good girl” and really thrive within deadlines and specific structure…

December 12, 2014


Dearest Ohmies, I have taken moments throughout this Indiegogo Campaign to personally thank those who donated, re-tweet & favorite your posts as well as write “shout outs” on Facebook but I want to now thank each and every one of you for being there…

February 26, 2014

Power Your Spirit

Do YOU want YOU? Are you truly, madly, deeply in love with yourself?   When is the last time you put yourself first?   It’s time you gave yourself permission to be (head to toe) SASSY!    I want to see your spirit light…

October 12, 2013

Religion, Love & Isvara Pranidhana

    Faith is a tricky word and an even trickier concept. To put something so deep & meaningful into words, let alone into practice can take years or even decades. Faith is a word that is deeper than hope, more than religion and…

August 26, 2013

Perspective & Handstands

Perspective is a silly thing. The simplicity of a word or sentence can change your whole outlook on life or a particular situation and flip it entirely on its head. This past month I have been doing a handstand challenge. My goal is to…

July 15, 2013

The 8 Limbs Interview

Last night I had an amazing opportunity to be interview by Lindsay Marino!! After interviewing her a few weeks back on her woo-woo, she asked me to be a guest on her talk show: Intuitive Guidance with Lindsay Marino to talk about the 8…

June 25, 2013