About Me

Circle About Me

I am 

A mother. A yoga teacher. A healer. An educator.

I’m a solo mom to the world’s best little boy and a rescue dog named Apollo. We live by the ocean. I take him on mama-and-me dates. I’m learning that navigating the world of parenting is one of the most difficult tasks in the world. It doesn’t come with a handbook. It most certainly doesn’t have a handbook for single mothers to children whose fathers are addicts.

I believe 

That you are enough. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be, and you are on this beautiful journey called life. Falling in love with yourself can be easy.

My main mission in life is to give love, teach love, and spread love. Yoga is the tool that helps me to navigate this incredibly rich life I live.

I founded

Yoga for Families of Addiction. A non-profit organization that uses yoga, meditation and al-anon style discussion to ease the minds and hearts of anyone who has ever loved someone in addiction.

I teach.

Intuitive healing and coaching sessions. A space where we dig deep to uncover the juiciness inside of YOU. What makes you, authentically you? How can you peel back and emerge in this world in your own way?

 200 hour yoga teacher trainings. Yoga for Families of Addiction trainings.

My teachings are those of love. I teach from my heart and blend my background & practice to create my own method in each class. I talk about ancient sutras, charkas, crystals, love, energy. I mix my vinyasa background into my newfound love for prana flow and kundalini. I sprinkle in reiki whenever I can. And I almost always assist in savasana. I have a love affair with alignment. I am a stickler for hydration and I tell really funny yoga jokes. 😉

I write 

I write about everything that makes me who I am. I tap into codependency recovery, what to do when you don’t feel like you’re enough, how to balance your energy, what to do when your trauma is triggered, adventures in solo parenting and so much more. Yoga is woven into everything I touch, and I am eager to continue sharing that life with you.

I speak

Since starting Yoga for Families of Addiction, I have shared my story to libraries, rehabs, senior centers and many (many) yoga studios. I give lectures on the Addiction of Loving an Addict, How to Reclaim Your Power, Codependency Recovery and more. Sharing my stories allows me to hear yours. I am blessed to have kept so many of you in my heart these last few years as you shared about your drug addicted sons and daughters, the way yoga healed your heart and experiences that you’ve had on and off the mat.

I cannot wait to meet you.

Click around my page to learn more. Discover Yoga for Families of Addiction and all we do as a non-profit. Read a few blog posts. Check out my local offerings.

As a healer & speaker, nothing brings me more joy than seeing you grow, shift and open. 

As a writer & teacher, I crave helping you to discover the joy within healing that is itching to come to the surface. 

Welcome home, soul warrior.