My Young Living Journey

April 23, 2017

My journey with Young Living began back in July 2015. I was eight months pregnant with my son and knew that I wanted to diffuse essential oils while I was in labor.

Many people thought I was crazy. “How can you diffuse when you’re in labor? You’ll be in too much pain to set it up, the hospital won’t like it, you may not want that particular scent (or any) when you arrive.” And their arguments were valid. Very valid. But I knew what I wanted. I wanted a peaceful, calm and loving birth. In my mind, that included essential oils.

My very first introduction to essential oils was about two years or so before that time. My girlfriends Nadia, Lauren and I were in Austin, Texas for work. We got stranded there during Nemo and had to spend two additional days enjoying the warmth of Texas while the rest of Massachusetts got to shovel 2+ feet of snow. We had a lot of free time and decided to venture around the area in cute little brunch places and boutiques when we stumbled across an Anthropologie-esque boutique off the beaten path. The owner was lovely and her store was beautiful. It also smelled DIVINE. I remember asking her what she was diffusing and she told me essential oils. We oogled over her beautiful diffuser and I was sold (although for the price it was, I decided to wait).

Fast forward to that following Christmas (almost a year later). I begged my grandmother for a crumby diffuser on Amazon and bought some essential oils to diffuse at Wholefoods. The whole thing cost $40 or less. If only I had known about Young Living then! But alas, I did not have the seed to seal knowledge I do now.

Eventually I started learning a bit more about essential oils from friends and hopped on board with a girlfriend of mine who lives out west. She works with another essential oil company and I decided to buy two bottles retail: Lemon & Lavender. I remember getting a lot of information in the mail and being very overwhelmed with little support. She was such a wonderful person, but being so far away, it wasn’t a wonderful support system.

I then learned some of my local friends were into “selling essential oils.” It peaked my interest so I began to poke around. Eventually I met with an acupuncturist who had a plethora of essential oil brands at her establishment in order to smell the difference between each company. Immediately I KNEW that quality was one of the most important aspects of an essential oil. The lavenders I have been smelling all my life were processed and not something of a high vibration or frequency. The instant I smelled Young Living’s Lavender, I knew it was sealing in the journey of a lifetime.


Fast forward two weeks: I had signed up under my girlfriend Jody and decided to diffuse every evening. I started researching the oils, using them on my own body and making blends for when baby would finally arrive. I DID diffuse during my delivery and had an amazing experience.

The first two years I spent with Young Living were beautiful. I used the products, got to know about the seed to seal process, discovered the true meaning of quality and got to be intimate with their hair & body products as well as supplements and various other non-essential oil products. I LOVED learning about and using everything I could get my hands on. And every once in a while, I would make money by sharing it with a friend. My first check was $43.02. It was crazy! I was able to have a little extra spending money for my oils and products and it made me smile.

Money to me has always been something difficult to discuss. I feel as though many of us are in the same boat. I’m what the color personality considers a yellow. Kind, loving, gentle and afraid to talk statistics. Many of my friends are red: organized lovers of excel spreadsheets with facts and figures. NOT so much me.

But this year, I kind of needed to change my mindset. I needed a little more red in my life when my world shifted and I knew I needed to create more abundance for Zyan and I. In our lifetime together, I am making it my mission to THRIVE for him, always. I don’t want to just survive and create a mediocre life – but rather, I want to show him how to be strong and abundant in all things we do. Abundant in love and life, but also financial abundance.

With that said, the moment my world changed, I knew I had to integrate more RED personality into my life. I called my Young Living mentors and told them it was finally time I stepped up my game and change my mindset on what abundance really looked like. I added new workshops to Barefoot Yoga Shala, spent weeks on a new business plan and decided to add Young Living more into my life. Every private healing session is infused with essential oils. Our bathrooms at home and at Barefoot sport Thieves Hand Soap. And I had finally decided to hustle with heart. The very first month my mindset shifted, my paycheck from Young Living changed from $27.44 to $219.41 and has continued to grow. I can now easily pay for my monthly car payment and am climbing quickly to being able to set aside money for a home for Zyan, Apollo and I to grow into.


To say I am grateful to work alongside a company that supports others, believes in high vibration and allows for such an incredible opportunity to grow is an understatement. It so easily flows into my life as a yoga studio owner, yoga teacher, healer and especially a mama. I am honored to be part of an INCREDIBLE team of powerful women and men, who show UP and support one another on this crazy journey called life.

If you’re interested in joining my heart centered hustle and linking arms with me to create a more abundant and beautiful life, please comment below, or connect with me on Facebook! I would love to guide you on this path and have you beside me as we grow together.

So much love & light!

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