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One Decade of Yoga

Yoga: One Decade In

Yoga is my whole life. I looked at the calendar and realized this year marks 10 years on the mat. Something that started as once a week, attending with my mom turned into a bi-weekly practice, and then shifted to almost daily. It transitioned…

December 7, 2018
Listening to Your Body

Modern Hippie Muse: Listen to the Whispers

One of my students recently said “I can’t hear my body the way you do. I don’t know when I’m about to get my period, have no idea if I’m getting sick and definitely don’t know if there is any trauma inside of me.”…

September 13, 2018

Modern Hippie Muse: Rituals for Manifesting

In my world, words like ritual, new moon and intention setting are commonplace. I can hear a particularly “woo” word and know exactly what it means in an instant. And yet it is the question I get the most often. What do I do…

August 7, 2018
27 ideas for valentine's day

27 Ideas for Valentine’s Day

The weekend ahead is full pretty pinks, reds and purples! Lots of champagne and silly shaped hearts, children’s valentine’s and thoughts of love swirling in the air. To me this weekend is about so much more than just romantic love! Did you know that…

February 12, 2016

Magical Monday: Infant Massage

This week I took the smush for an infant massage class with our new moms group and it was literally the highlight of our week. The entire time we were there, he was cooing and trying to laugh as I massaged his little body…

November 9, 2015

Checking in: Goals, Words & Core Desires

If you remember from this post, I wanted all of you to hold me accountable and I was wiling to hold you accountable as well. Connecting over and speaking through our lists of wants/needs/desires is bringing them one step closer to manifestation. This year,…

June 25, 2014


Hello there beautiful souls! I have recently decided I am on the hunt for more inspiration on my blog. I want to be a source of not only love, healing and YOGA… but also inspiration. I want people to leave here feeling loved, wrapped…

February 11, 2014

Power Your Spirit

Do YOU want YOU? Are you truly, madly, deeply in love with yourself?   When is the last time you put yourself first?   It’s time you gave yourself permission to be (head to toe) SASSY!    I want to see your spirit light…

October 12, 2013

Nama Say Wednesday: Goal Setting

This week’s Nama Say question comes from Dana. She asked about goal setting & intentions which is one of my favorite topics! Come check out the video below to learn more. It’s chock full of information… and if you look closely enough, you’ll see…

October 2, 2013

Religion, Love & Isvara Pranidhana

    Faith is a tricky word and an even trickier concept. To put something so deep & meaningful into words, let alone into practice can take years or even decades. Faith is a word that is deeper than hope, more than religion and…

August 26, 2013