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Magical Mondays!

Good Morning Yogis!!!   What a marvelous Monday! I feel so rested and balanced – it is amazing what a quiet Sundaycan do to reset your body. I had so much fun this weekend at a friends birthday party and then spent much of…

March 11, 2013

The Power of a Nap or a Bubble Bath

Yesterday I was in a terrible funk. I was grumpy, I had a headache and I was just sad. The snow, the wind, the rain and insignificant “bad” news was all beginning to get to me. I came home, gave my husband a quick…

March 7, 2013

Magical Mondays

Good Morning beautiful yogis & yoginis!   What a beautiful day to count our blessings. There is snow on the trees, but not on the roads. The birds are singing, the sun began shining early this morning and today is a full moon.  …

February 25, 2013

The Power of Breath

                                        By facing our fears and removing obstacles, we create a clearer path. One of the things that helps me through each day is my…

February 17, 2013

Magical Mondays: Apollo’s Anniversary & I’m HOME!

Today I am so grateful for a big huge list of things, but the two most important are being home with my husband and our furry babies, and today is Apollo’s anniversary! We have had our puppy boy for a whole year today and…

February 11, 2013