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Happy Birthday!

Entering the Newest Decade

Today I am 30. Such a big number when you’re approaching it from 20 and yet such a young number once you’re a parent and looking at your own folks with adoration of where they were 30 short years ago. I have certainly been…

November 22, 2015

Prawns, Houseboats and an Eagle named Apu

On beautiful snow days like we have had this past week, it doesn’t take much to take me back to the dusty heat of India. All of India captured my heart, but the backwaters of Kerala were like a dream. As a couple, my…

January 28, 2015
This is the thin strip of muddy riverbank where many of the stores & homes were located.


While we were at Thanksgiving this year, my aunt had asked us to come up with something we were thankful for to say at the dinner table. As with some family games, there were rules. We could not say that we were thankful for…

December 5, 2014

Endings and Beginnings: The Constant Vinyasa Wave

This past weekend I heard the words “an end is a new beginning” a number of times. I heard it during the sermon in church, at a crystal bowl healing and from a friend. It made me begin to think of the many times…

October 7, 2014

My Favorite Student

I’m not supposed to have a favorite student, but I do.    Students come to you in all stages of life. They come to you with love in their hearts or very broken ones.  Injuries in every joint and new body parts. They come…

September 23, 2014

Espresso vs. Green Smoothies

For the past few years, I have been exploring the art of the green smoothie. I would create something in my (OM-AZMING!!!) Vitamix and drink it in the morning. Often times I was thrilled with my creation and felt full, satisfied and overly enthusiastic…

September 2, 2014

20 Ways to Love Yourself TODAY!

1. Go shopping and while you are half undressed in the dressing room, look at yourself and say I LOVE YOU! Do NOT criticize your body. 2. Buy yourself flowers. 3. Use your favorite lotion every day (even if it’s the expensive one). Feel luxurious…

November 18, 2013

It’s Time to Change the Self-love Conversation.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to practice yoga as a student. This is such a funny sentence because every time we step onto our mats, we are a student. Even when teaching, I’m learning something new: from the way a student’s body moves, from…

September 24, 2013

Religion, Love & Isvara Pranidhana

    Faith is a tricky word and an even trickier concept. To put something so deep & meaningful into words, let alone into practice can take years or even decades. Faith is a word that is deeper than hope, more than religion and…

August 26, 2013
elephant handstand

Perspective & Handstands

Perspective is a silly thing. The simplicity of a word or sentence can change your whole outlook on life or a particular situation and flip it entirely on its head. This past month I have been doing a handstand challenge. My goal is to…

July 15, 2013