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Perspective & Handstands

Perspective is a silly thing. The simplicity of a word or sentence can change your whole outlook on life or a particular situation and flip it entirely on its head. This past month I have been doing a handstand challenge. My goal is to…

July 15, 2013

Definition of Self-Love: Passionate, intimate & really raw

  The past few months I’ve been interjecting bits and pieces of self-love all over my website. I began sharing deeper stories of a time when I didn’t love myself even one ounce, I started The Ahimsa Project (with some of the most amazing…

July 12, 2013

14 Ways to Love Yourself {MORE}

1. Compliment yourself everyday {use sticky notes on your desk, or in your mirror!!} 2. Take time off regularly. Enjoy each present moment and savor the blessings your receive. 3. Take a pole dancing class. 4. Cultivate daily gratitude. 5. Find a living social/groupon/deal…

July 9, 2013

Magical Monday: Restore

Good Morning Ohmees! Today really IS a Magical Monday. I haven’t written to you in gratitude on a Monday in a very long time and I can actually feel the lack of gratitude in my life. I feel so blessed to be back here…

July 8, 2013

The 8 Limbs Interview

Last night I had an amazing opportunity to be interview by Lindsay Marino!! After interviewing her a few weeks back on her woo-woo, she asked me to be a guest on her talk show: Intuitive Guidance with Lindsay Marino to talk about the 8…

June 25, 2013