27 Ideas for Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2016
27 ideas for valentine's day

The weekend ahead is full pretty pinks, reds and purples! Lots of champagne and silly shaped hearts, children’s valentine’s and thoughts of love swirling in the air. To me this weekend is about so much more than just romantic love! Did you know that February 13th is National Self-Love Day? It’s the perfect time to buy yourself flowers to spruce up your home or take a bath as you sink your body into those delicious bubbles or epsom salt mixed with lavender. Looking for some ideas of things to do for yourself, with your girlfriends or with your honey? Look no further!

  • Go to a paint night at your local spot.
  • Get a mani/pedi with your girlfriends.
  • Yelp the nearest “latte art” location and pick up a pretty latte.
  • Buy yourself flowers.
  • Run a bath with epsom salt and lavender essential oil (want to know more? ask me!!)
  • Shut down your computer and have a day without technology.
  • Go to the aquarium with your girlfriends or any local museum. (be sure to check your local library for discounts)
  • Volunteer at the animal shelter for an afternoon OR;
  • Bring old blankets and food to the animal shelter.
  • Go on a “restaurant crawl” instead of a bar crawl. Appetizers at one location, dinner at the next and dessert someplace else!
  • Binge watch your favorite RomComs on Netflix with your bestie.

  • Make reservations at your favorite brunch spot and invite all your friends!
  • Go ice skating (if you live locally, try Lynnfield MarketPlace or Frog Pond)
  • Make a hot chocolate bar. Invite your friends over for hot cocoa and snuggling as your watch your favorite movie.
  • Create a love mist for your bedroom! Ylang ylang mixed with lavender is a great choice. Or orange for your sacral chakra.
  • Snuggle your puppy, take them for a walk or visit the dog park. Bundle up in an extra cute hat and gloves and bring a friend & cup of pipping hot tea along!
  • Dig into Love Poems by Rumi, Pablo Neruda or your favorite poet.
  • Read Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert and decide for yourself what your views are on marriage and being in a committed relationship.
  • Order yourself some reiki art. Decide your intention (a new home or bringing LOVE into your life, perhaps!) and ask Jessica to create one for you that’s infused with your intentions and a hell of a lot of love.
  • Buy crystals or go to the beach and pick up some beautiful rocks & seashells. Decorate your home with them or use them in a moon ceremony.
  • Go to a partner yoga workshop. Go single, bring your bestie, your mom or your love.
  • Get a blow out before dinner and walk into the restaurant feeling amazing!
  • Laugh out loud. Watch your favorite stand up comic or re-runs of SNL.
  • Make a delicious and healthy dinner. I’ve made these carne asada tacos a few times recently and they are melt in your mouth good. Add candles. Invite someone your love.
  • Go to the bookstore or library with a friend. Pick out a book for each other and challenge yourselves to read them by March 14th.
  • Cuddle.

Whether on a solo adventure, a date with your love or some quality time with your best friends, Valentine’s Day is sure to be a blast! Add in self-care and don’t get too overwhelmed by all the pink hearts. On Monday they’ll turn into shamrocks and we’ll be onto the next holiday. Step back and find a way to enjoy this hallmark holiday. Love sweet love is always the way to go 365 days of the year so infuse Valentine’s Day with just as much if not more love!

Always fill your cup first yogis. Fill it up with things that make your heart sing and then give that love right back to the world.

Love you all lots. Happy early Valentine’s Day!

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